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The brand in the Sri Lankan market which is over 17 years. It is known for the durable quality of its products delivered at an affordable price point. E-tel after sales service is supported by an island wide Customer Service network and Collection Points. E-tel serves the Sri Lankan customer base in both retail and corporate segments.

E-tel has a wide range of products such as Feature Phones, Smart Phones, Tabs, and its revolutionary Mini PC Range which has wide installed base and delivers the latest innovations with a trusted and comprehensive service warranty.

The brand E-tel was launched in Sri Lanka at a time where few members were dominating the market demanding high prices for their products. With the majority of Sri Lankans in mind, E-tel was launched as a more economical option for those who are willing to purchase mobile phones. Starting off as the distributor to Lenovo branded products to Sri Lanka Brantel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd had enough insight into the technology market in Sri Lanka before it launched E-tel in Sri Lanka in 2008.

As the National Distributor of E-tel branded mobile phones tablets and computers, Brantel Lanka (Pvt) Limited has secured it’s place as a trusted name in delivering quality products at affordable prices backed by a solid warranty and service/repair process on an island-wide basis. Furthermore, tying up with only the best and most technologically forward brands such as Corning for Optical Communication Solutions, JA Solar ,KBE Cabling ,GoodWe and SMA for Energy Saving Solutions, Inspur Data Centre, Server Range and Cyberoam UTM Solutions as their island wide distributor and coupling it with the trademark after sales services that Brantel is well noted for increased possibilities of giving our customers nothing but the best in terms of products and services.